National Teaching Fellowship Organisations

There exist a number of National Teaching Fellowship organisations across the world. The NTFs in each country provide a rich community and powerful networks. For more information, please see below:

Ako Aotearoa New Zealand

Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) United Kingdom

Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows Canada

Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows’ network (ALTF) Australia

IFNTF Newsletter

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New Journal

  • The Journal of Impact Cultures (JIC)

    The Journal of Impact Cultures (JIC) ‘is a new journal/resource for transforming educational policy and practice. The journal is published by CIRCLE, which is an interdisciplinary research group. The journal and its associated research group is based at the University of East London but operates in collaboration with colleagues from a number of universities in the UK and beyond.’

    New submissions for inclusion in JIC are sought. For further information, visit

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