National Teaching Fellowship Organisations

There exist a number of National Teaching Fellowship organisations across the world. The NTFs in each country provide a rich community and powerful networks. For more information, please see below:

Ako Aotearoa New Zealand

Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) United Kingdom

Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows Canada

Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows’ network (ALTF) Australia

IFNTF Newsletter

  • Newsletters published by the IFNTF

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New Journal

  • The Journal of Impact Cultures (JIC)

    The Journal of Impact Cultures (JIC) ‘is a new journal/resource for transforming educational policy and practice. The journal is published by CIRCLE, which is an interdisciplinary research group. The journal and its associated research group is based at the University of East London but operates in collaboration with colleagues from a number of universities in the UK and beyond.’

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  • AdvanceHE provide a dedicated online network for HE professionals around the world – for free – if you sign up before 31 July 2019. See:

    Programmes and Events Prospectus for 2019/20

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Book Review

  • Book Review by Peter Klappa: Global Perspectives on Teaching Excellence: a new era for higher education. (2018) by C. Broughan, G. Steventon and L. Clouder. C Broughan, L. Click to Download

ALT Report 2019

Reports Relating to Higher Education

    Evaluation NTFS UK August 2018
  • 'Evaluation of the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme - A Report by Sheffield Hallam University'

    Authors: Liz Austen, Alan Donnelly, Colin McCaig and Christine O'Leary

    Other Contributors: Clare de Normanville, Sarah Jane Reaney-Wood and Rachel Handforth

    Published August 2018

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  • 'Two sides of the same coin? Brexit and future student demand'

    By Nick Hillman

    Published 8 August 2019

    Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) number Policy Note 15

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  • 'Student Academic Experience Survey 2019'

    By Jonathan Neves and Nick Hillman

    Published 13 June 2019

    Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) number 117

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  • 'Pressure Vessels: The epidemic of poor mental health among higher education staff'

    By Dr Liz Morrish

    Published 23 May 2019

    Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) number Occasional Paper 20

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  • 'AUGAR' report: Post-18 review of education and funding: independent panel report

    A report from the independent panel to the review of post-18 education and funding.

    Published 30 May 2019

    Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) number Policy Note 15

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    Published 2018

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  • 'Realising the potential of technology in education: A strategy for education providers and the technology industry to help improve and increase the effective use of technology in education.'

    Policy Report

    Published 3 April 2019/p>

    Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) number Policy Note 15

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  • 'Demand for Higher Education to 2030'

    By Bahram Bekhradnia and Diana Beech

    Published 15 March 2018

    Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) number 105

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  • 'Reaching the parts of society universities have missed: A manifesto for the new Director of Fair Access and Participation'

    Edited by Paul Clarke and Dr Diana Beech

    Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) number 106

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